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Panjin Liaohe Oilfield Tianyi Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, the company covers an area of 70000 square meters, the existing research and design of office building, building area of 1050 square meters; the company plant area of 17000 square meters, divided into the top drive assembly workshop, workshop, electric cars, new technology research and development workshop, warehouse etc.. The existing staff of 360 people, including senior technical engineer 55 people, quality control engineer 30 people, 160 people were service engineers in Russia, Venezuela, Sultan, Iraq, Iran, Burma, Gabon, Kazakhstan and other foreign and domestic oil and gas field project top drive service.

TPEC was specialized in research, design, manufacture and service of Top Drive System, with professional technical service team of top drive. TPEC has advanced production capacity and the top drive patent technology to create the core competitiveness continuously. By the cooperation with famous companies from home and abroad, TPEC has become the specialized manufacturing company with advanced technology mature technology and perfect service system. TPEC can produce series of Top Drive System, such as DQ90(750T), DQ70(500T), DQ50Ⅰ(350T), DQ50Ⅱ(350T Enhanced), DQ40X(250T Inclined straight top drive) , DQ40A(250T specialized for offshore drilling workover platform and truck-mounted rig),DQ40LA low temperature top drive and hydraulic top drive.
In recent years, company has designing and making casing running system, iron-roughneck, rotary steerable drilling system and soft torque control, which is applied in different section of oil drilling.

Main Business:
1.Manufacture and sale of TDS
2.TDS rental
3.Field technical support and repair for other brands of TDS
4.Design and manufacture oil equipments

Address by the chairman of the board

        Since the company was established in 2002, it has been facing austere challenges in market. The company has always insisted on improving continuously and speeding up the development and has created many economic progresses making craft brothers look at it with new eyes with the idea of scientific development and strategy of "Being the first-class petroleum production service company", Many friends from the levels of business, political, economics at home and abroad asked me:” Is there any magic weapon to keep the company developed sustainably?" My answer is only two words: good faith!
        Being the descendants of Yellow Emperor, good faith is our traditional virtue and in-depth understanding of modern ethical idea. It is the essence of a human being, it can bring a prosperity to an enterprise and it is the foundation on which we develop our country. Just depending on the principle of "good faith", our corporation can survive and develop in the competition. During the development of Tianyi, with the aid of its strong enterprises and its excellent enterprise culture, the company has been developed to be a team of solidarity, honesty, innovation and hard working. This year---a critical year in which we have finished the first five-year plan and we are realizing the second three-year plan, we are going to boost the technical progress and speed up the development of main businesses with the aim of "providing customers with valuable products and services to develop continuously.” Friends, let’s develop a new Tianyi on the basis of good faith, let’s create a bright future with the spirit of challenging!

Chairman of the Board:Wang Bin


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